There’s a whole bunch of different design lines going on in this bedroom, but that seems to be the trend these days. If you take a look at the wall and the bed, it has a very modern look to it. From the color of the walls to the bedding and lamps, it’s very modern. But take a look at the rug and the chair; they’re kind of old school. All mixed together, with lush emerald green fabric making it luxurious and adding the charisma to the room.

The colour palette is extremely neutral with hues of brown and dull gold creating the best of elegantly chosen theme of all the time.

The bedding is tufted with jacquard panels with sleek wooden rafters running in side ways creating the depth of the space and mirror on both sides making it more attractive, appealing and sophisticated.

The ottoman having an interesting feature and rectangular sliding coffee table in brass coated legs and marble top which is making-it more functional and flawless.