Ćhic never goes out of style, we promise we won’t be fashionably late.

About Interiochic

It all started with a heart filled with hope, dream guided by passion and hard work molded by love for the craft. Interio Chic here is to take your visions towards a tangible reality. We are team of highly qualified individuals who focuses on not only the design of your perspective but also the execution and implementation of it. 

Residential / Renovation


Turning the mundane into beautiful, we specialize in giving you a home where your heart will love to be. Our talented team focuses on customizing the design of your choice to meet your residential needs.

Commercial Design

Aren’t you tired of repetition? Because we know that we are. Commercial design can be vibrant and glorious. The diverse commercial space of today requires an equally diverse color palette. Connect with us today for turning your simple into simply beautiful.

Office Design

Working being a necessity can get boring at times but not when u hire pur skillful designers to create project which will embark the journey of better future of work. Also providing wide variety of services in office sector to satisfy the client.

Our Services

Currently provides the following services

  • Prototypes
  • Consultancy
  • Designing
  • Space Planning
  • Execution
  • Material Guidance



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